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vast limits GmbH and uberAgent are now part of Citrix, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. Learn more at

Configuration Options

uberAgent can be configured by means of configuration files (all platforms) or via Group Policy (Windows). Both variants allow for centralized management and automatic deployment. The recommended way to configure uberAgent is via Central Config File Management (CCFM).

Default Configuration

uberAgent’s setup installs a default set of configuration files along with the agent binaries. This default configuration is maintained in the uberAgent Configuration GitHub repository. It is advisable to regularly check the GitHub repository for relevant configuration updates, specifically for uberAgent ESA’s threat detections and security inventory checks.

Data Volume Optimized Configuration

A configuration optimized for data volume is available as an alternative to the default configuration.

How to Configure uberAgent

Configuration via Central Config File Management (CCFM)

To configure uberAgent via centrally managed configuration files, please follow these steps (recommended).

Configuration via Local Config Files

To configure uberAgent via configuration files local to the endpoint, please follow these steps.

Configuration via Group Policy

To configure uberAgent via Group Policy, please follow these steps.



  1. CCFM
  2. Group Policy
  3. ProgramData: %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration\uberAgent.conf
  4. Installation directory: typically C:\Program Files\vast limits\uberAgent\uberAgent.conf

The first configuration found is used exclusively. In other words: Group Policy overrides %ProgramData%, which overrides the installation directory.


  1. CCFM
  2. /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/


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