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Configuration Options

uberAgent is a flexible product that can be customized easily. Whether you want to change the metrics that are collected or modify the frequency at which data is logged, you can do so through editing the configuration.

Configuration Options

uberAgent can be configured by means of a configuration file (all platforms) or via Group Policy (Windows). After installing the agent you get a default configuration file. Optionally, that configuration file can be overridden via Group Policy. Alternative configurations optimized for data volume are available, too.


uberAgent looks for its configuration in the following locations.


  1. Group Policy
  2. ProgramData: %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration\uberAgent.conf
  3. Installation directory: typically C:\Program Files\vast limits\uberAgent\uberAgent.conf

The first configuration found is used exclusively. In other words: Group Policy overrides %ProgramData% which overrides the installation directory.


On macOS the main configuration file can be found at /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/uberAgent.conf.

During installation or an upgrade the templates for configuration files will be placed at /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/Config Templates/. The configuration template files will also be copied to /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/ where they can be modified. Existing files will not be overwritten.
Changes to files in /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/Config Templates/ have no effect. They are only meant for reference.

Group Policy

To configure uberAgent via Group Policy please follow these steps.

Configuration File uberAgent.conf

To configure uberAgent via the configuration file please follow these steps.


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