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Security & Compliance Inventory

uberAgent ESA Security & Compliance Inventory (SCI) is a testing and rating framework that checks the attack surface of your operating systems and applications. The test results are used to calculate security scores that pinpoint configuration and security hardening weaknesses.

Security & Compliance Inventory tests are scheduled to run at regular intervals to always provide a complete and accurate status of the security configuration of all devices in the fleet. Test results are reported to uberAgent’s backend along with the other metrics and KPIs collected by uberAgent’s endpoint agent. uberAgent ESA’s Security Score dashboard intuitively visualizes the test scores, highlighting insecure device or application configurations.

uberAgent ESA comes with a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use SCI tests for many common attack vectors. Customizing and extending ESA’s SCI tests are explicitly encouraged. By adding tests of their own, customers and partners can automate the verification of an organization’s security policy or check the configuration of line-of-business applications.

Test Storage

uberAgent ESA Security & Compliance Inventory tests are part of uberAgent’s configuration, which is maintained in the uberAgent Configuration GitHub repository.


ESA Security & Compliance Inventory test results are visualized in the Security Score dashboard, which is part of the uberAgent_ESA Splunk searchhead app.

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