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LOLBAS Monitoring

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LOLBAS stands for Living Off the Land Binaries And Scripts, a type of activity that misuses tools and executables that are already there because they are part of the operating system. To cite the LOLBAS’ project’s criteria, a LOLBin/lib/script must:

  • Be a Microsoft-signed file, either native to the OS or downloaded from Microsoft.
  • Have extra “unexpected” functionality. It is not interesting to document intended use cases.
  • Have functionality that would be useful to an APT or red team.

The ESA Threat Detection rules for monitoring LOLBAS activity are vast limits vendor rules.


The rules in this section detect suspicious behavior related to operating system binaries.

  • Unusual child processes and DLL loads
  • Detect starts from non-default locations
  • Detect proxy execution
  • Detect UAC bypass
  • Detect csc/jsc compile
  • Detect execute from alternate data streams
  • Detect AWL bypass
  • Detect encode and decode operations
  • Detect copy operations
  • Detect download operations


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