Installing the Firefox Browser Extension

uberAgent’s browser web app performance functionality requires a browser extension to be installed. This article lists the necessary steps for the Firefox extension. At least version 50 of Firefox is required for this add-on. Please note that the Firefox extension is also loaded in private mode and sends data to the uberAgent service.

Enabling the Agent Metric

To enable data collection from Firefox make sure uberAgent’s BrowserPerformanceFirefox metric is enabled in the configuration. In the default configuration, BrowserPerformanceFirefox is enabled.

Installing the Firefox Extension

The extension is available from two different channels: release and beta. The release channel gets only fully-tested versions of the extension, while the beta channel additionally gets beta-quality versions.

Manual Installation

For tests and PoCs, it may be easiest to install uberAgent’s Firefox extension manually.

Release Channel

Install the extension from release channel on the Firefox Web Store.

Beta Channel

To install the beta version of the extension, first download it from our website.

  • Open Firefox
  • Open page: about:addons or press Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Click on the button Tools for all add-ons placed in the upper right corner
  • Click on Install Add-on From File… and select the previously downloaded file

We recommend putting the majority of users on the release channel and a small minority on the beta channel.

Automated Deployment

Deployment of uberAgent’s Firefox extension is easily possible with Group Policy. Follow the steps in the Mozilla Documentation (Firefox version 60 required).