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uberAgent UXM & uberAgent ESA

All required components are included in the download (installation and upgrade instructions).

Stable Release

Download uberAgent 7.0.1 (includes uberAgent UXM, uberAgent ESA, Splunk apps & dashboards).

For production use a license file is required. Without a license file uberAgent is fully functional but displays a splash screen during logon.

Find out what’s new in the changelog.

Addons and Helper Tools for uberAgent (Optional)

Splunk Apps

uberAgent ESA ES Companion

Splunk introduced risk-based alerting (RBA) in Enterprise Security (ES) to reduce alert volume and enhance security operations. uberAgent supports RBA through the uberAgent ESA ES companion app. See the documentation for installation instructions. When all requirements are met, the Splunk Enterprise Security dashboard Risk Analysis is populated automatically with uberAgent data.

uberAgent Helpdesk: L1 Suppport Dashboard

uberAgent Helpdesk is a Splunk app for IT professionals who support virtual or physical desktops and who need to resolve issues quickly. This app provides a different view of the existing uberAgent dataset that is streamlined for helpdesk use.

uberAgent Log Collector: uberAgent Health Monitoring

uberAgent Log Collector helps you monitor the health of your uberAgent deployment by collecting the data logged by uberAgent and sending it to Splunk for indexing. Dashboards provide easy access.

uberAgent Product Demos

uberAgent Event Generator

This is the perfect tool for uberAgent product demonstrations. The event generator simulates a large number of endpoints and generates data for all dashboards (more information).

Download the uberAgent event generator.


uberAgent Logfile Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++

This makes uberAgent log files easier to read in Notepad++ by highlighting fields (installation instructions).

Download the uberAgent Notepad++ log syntax highlighter

RES Workspace Manager Building Block

This enables tracking the user environment initialization time of RES ONE Workspace. This is not required if you have at least uberAgent 4.0 and RES ONE Workspace If you do have older versions please find more information here.

Download the uberAgent RES WM building block v3