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Configuration Through Config File

Default Configuration

The content of the default configuration files that ship with uberAgent is available here.

Configuration File Location


A default configuration file uberAgent.conf is located in the installation directory, typically C:\Program Files\vast limits\uberAgent.

Configuration Optimized for Data Volume

To switch to the configuration optimized for data volume back up uberAgent.conf and rename uberAgent-data-volume-optimized.conf to uberAgent.conf.

Persisting Configuration Files in %ProgramData%

The agent installer completely removes the installation directory including any configuration files during uninstalls and upgrades.

To persist configuration files across agent upgrades place them in %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration. As explained here, configuration files in %ProgramData% take precedence over configuration files in the installation directory.

Please note that you need to manually update configuration files in %ProgramData% when rolling out new versions of the agent.


The default configuration file for uberAgent is copied to /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/uberAgent-default.conf. An additional copy of uberAgent-default.conf is created as uberAgent.conf, but only if that file does not exist already. The file uberAgent.conf is the one used to configure uberAgent, whereas uberAgent-default.conf serves as a reference and fallback.

Applying Configuration Changes

The agent reads the configuration upon startup of the uberAgent service/daemon. To apply configuration changes, restart the uberAgent service/daemon.


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