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Configuration via Local Config Files

Platforms: all

Configuration via local config files is an alternative to configuring uberAgent via central config file management or Group Policy.

Config File Location


The default configuration file uberAgent.conf is located in the installation directory, typically C:\Program Files\vast limits\uberAgent.

Configuration Optimized for Data Volume

To switch to the configuration optimized for data volume back up uberAgent.conf and rename uberAgent-data-volume-optimized.conf to uberAgent.conf.

Persisting Configuration Files in %ProgramData%

The agent installer completely removes the installation directory, including any configuration files, during uninstalls and upgrades.

To persist configuration files across agent upgrades, place them in %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration. As explained here, configuration files in %ProgramData% take precedence over configuration files in the installation directory.

Please note that you need to update configuration files in %ProgramData% when rolling out new versions of the agent.


The default configuration file uberAgent.conf is located in /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/. During upgrades, files in this directory are not overwritten to preserve customizations. It is recommended to update the default configuration from the config file templates (see below) after an upgrade.

Config File Templates

The installer copies config file templates to /Library/Application Support/uberAgent/Config Templates/. Changes to the template files have no effect – they are only meant to be used as a reference.

Applying Configuration Changes

The agent reads the configuration upon startup of the uberAgent service/daemon. To apply configuration changes, restart the uberAgent service/daemon.


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