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Provide Productive AND Secure Digital Employee Experiences

uberAgent helps enterprise IT provide fast, reliable, and secure devices & applications that boost employee productivity while strengthening cybersecurity.

What is Digital Employee Experience (DEX)?

Digital employee experience (DEX) gauges the quality of your workforce’s interaction with the applications and devices needed to get their jobs done. In other words: DEX is a metric for user experience.

With information technology becoming an ever more essential component of business operations, the ability to deliver excellent employee experiences separates successful businesses from struggling contenders.

Challenges to Digital Employee Experience

Lack of Visibility

Many organizations try to gauge the quality of their workforce’s digital experience by the number and type of help desk tickets. This approach leaves enormous gaps in visibility since most issues are never even reported by a workforce that is getting increasingly frustrated with old-school IT operations.

IT cannot fix what they don’t know. Excellent digital employee experience requires a platform that provides insight into all components relevant to the performance, reliability, and security of applications and devices.

Reactive Approach

Help desks are doing their best to meet the growing and complex demands of digital workplaces. However, the existing reactive tools at their disposal are not enough to keep up. They are constantly putting out fires and alienating users instead of focusing on important topics.

IT needs to stay ahead of the game. Modern DEX tools help identify issues before they negatively impact employee experience.

Siloed Operations

High-quality digital employee experiences result from the smooth functioning of complex interconnected systems. Failures in any layer of the stack may affect the performance, reliability, or security of any other layer.

IT teams need to break out of their silos. A modern observability platform involves all stakeholders, like the service desk, application managers, and IT leadership. Access to a shared dataset enables distributed teams to proactively improve the digital employee experience.

Increase Digital Employee Experience With a Proactive Approach

uberAgent gives enterprises the tools they need to take a proactive approach to increase digital employee experience. By taking a proactive rather than reactive approach, IT teams help accelerate their organization’s business.

Detect Problems Early

uberAgent’s real-time monitoring capabilities help organizations detect and diagnose problems on their endpoints as they happen. As a result, IT teams can take proactive steps to resolve issues before they become a larger problem.

For example, if a laptop is running slowly or has software bugs, uberAgent can alert the IT team so they can investigate and resolve the issue before it causes significant downtime.

Improve Productivity

One of the key benefits of uberAgent is that it helps organizations improve productivity by ensuring that endpoint devices are operating at optimal levels. When devices work well, employees can complete their tasks more efficiently, reducing the time they spend dealing with technical issues.

In addition, IT teams can take proactive measures to keep devices running smoothly by using uberAgent to identify which devices may need maintenance or replacement.

Save Costs

uberAgent helps organizations save money on hours of troubleshooting by identifying and resolving problems before they escalate.

For example, if an update causes an application to crash more often, uberAgent can alert the IT team to roll back the update, avoiding hundreds of calls to the service center.

Revolutionize Employee Satisfaction

When endpoints and applications work well, employee satisfaction increases. Appreciation for the IT department’s work rises as well. IT is perceived as a team that brings innovation to the business, rather than just a service hotline or a cost center.

uberAgent – Your DEX Companion

To provide secure and productive employee experiences, organizations need a solution that holistically monitors and proactively helps optimize the applications and devices their employees rely on in their work environment: uberAgent.

Experience Score

Know Where You Stand

uberAgent’s experience score dashboard provides a consolidated view of the digital employee experience across the estate. Starting with a 10,000-foot view, it breaks the fleet’s overall experience score into individual components, intuitively visualizing where issues originate.

The experience score dashboard is ideal for executives who need to gauge the current state of affairs with a single glance. It serves equally well as an entry point for root cause investigations.

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Helpdesk App

Troubleshoot Better

uberAgent’s Helpdesk app formats uberAgent’s rich dataset for optimal consumption by the IT help desk. Geared towards quick problem resolution, the app’s dashboard is built for simplicity and speed. It shows precisely what help desk personnel need to troubleshoot incidents and resolve issues.

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Splunk Platform

Observability for Everything

As uberAgent’s preferred backend platform, Splunk comes with exciting capabilities that far exceed the limited scope of other DEX products. Splunk is the perfect central observability platform that brings together metrics and logs from all components of even the most complex enterprise networks, including servers, endpoints, applications, networking devices, web services, and IoT.

Open Ecosystem

Automate & Integrate

Automation is the key to efficient IT operations. uberAgent on Splunk provides unparalleled integration capabilities with other systems, including ServiceNow and many other service desk products. Once an issue has been analyzed, proactive IT leverages the power of an open ecosystem to automate the remediation across the fleet.