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Sysmon Rule Converter

The Sysmon to uberAgent rule converter translates Sysmon rules into the format used by uberAgent ESA.

Sysmon is one of the most popular endpoint detection tools. Numerous quality rulesets are maintained by the security community. The Sysmon converter makes those rulesets available for use with uberAgent ESA.

uberAgent ESA as Sysmon Alternative

In addition to the Sysmon converter, vast limits also provides a converter for Sigma rules. This makes uberAgent one of the most versatile detection tools on the market. Read on to find out why you should consider uberAgent ESA as an alternative to Sysmon.

Getting Started


To download the Sysmon converter, head over to the releases section of its GitHub repository.


Please see the Sysmon converter’s readme for usage information.

Sysmon Converter Details

Development Info

The Sysmon converter is developed as an open-source project on GitHub. Contributions are always welcome!

The Sysmon converter is written in C# .NET. Release builds are available for Windows.


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