uberAgent Event Generator Changelog

This is the changelog for uberAgent’s event generator, an optional component for demo environments. The changelog for uberAgent itself can be found here.

Version 5.1

Release notes

  • Browser metrics: Added page load metrics for Internet Explorer
  • Support for new Splunk event generator version 6.2.1.


  • Configuration: Added purpose for applications and machines (currently database only)
  • Configuration: Added possibility to create citrix database server data
  • Configuration: Define license GUID for unique licenses for all computers
  • Licenses: Send correct OS type (client or server)

Updated Sourcetypes

  • Replaced sourcetype Application:BrowserWebRequests with sourcetype Application:BrowserWebRequests2with fields: RequestType, IsFrame, Browser, BrowserVersion, ProcUser, TabHost, TabUriScheme, RequestHost, RequestUriScheme, RequestCount, WebRequestDurationMs, PageLoadTotalDurationMs, PageLoadNetworkDurationMs, PageLoadRenderDurationMs, HttpStatusCount2xx, HttpStatusCount3xx, HttpStatusCount4xx, HttpStatusCount5xx


  • Fixed a bug, that session 0 could logoff