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uberAgent Event Generator Changelog

Version 7.1

Release notes

  • Increased .NET version to 7.
  • Changed configuration file format to JSON.


  • Log messages are written to stdout and a log file located in the %TEMP% (Windows) or /tmp (Linux) directory.
  • The fields SessionFgBrowserType, SessionFgBrowserType and SessionFgBrowserActiveTabHost of sourcetype uberAgent:Session:SessionDetail are now available on macOS, too.

New Sourcetypes

  • New sourcetype uberAgentESA:System:SecurityInventory with fields: SecurityInventoryCategory, SecurityInventoryName, SecurityInventoryScore, SecurityInventoryRiskScore, SecurityInventoryResultData, SecurityInventoryErrorCode, SecurityInventoryErrorMessage, SecurityInventoryScope, SecurityInventoryScopeEntity.

Updated Sourcetypes

  • Sourcetype [B287]: uberAgent:Process:ProcessStatistics has new field(s): ProcInputDelayMaxMs, ProcInputDelaySumMs and ProcInputDelayCount.
  • Sourcetype [B287]: uberAgent:Session:SessionDetail has new field(s): SessionInputDelayMaxMs, SessionInputDelaySumMs and SessionInputDelayCount.
  • Sourcetype [B751]: uberAgent:OnOffTransition:BootDetail2 has new field(s): UserLogonWaitDurationMs.
  • Sourcetype [B766]: uberAgentESA:Process:DnsQuery has new field(s): DnsRisk52Chars, DnsRisk27UniqueChars, DnsRiskEmptyResponse, DnsRiskTXTRecord, DnsRiskHighEntropy, DnsResponseStatus.


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