uberAgent Event Generator Changelog

This is the changelog for uberAgent’s event generator, an optional component for demo environments. The changelog for uberAgent itself can be found here.

Version 5.2

Release notes

  • Added sample data for window title of the active foreground window
  • Added sample data for Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler)
  • Browser metrics: Added metrics for Firefox


  • Configuration: Background processes will not appear in Application usage dashboard “Foreground application” and “Foreground process”
  • Configuration: Added possibility to create citrix database server data
  • Configuration: Added logon processes. These processes are started just once per session.
  • Configuration: Configure application per computer purpose (Citrix delivery controller, Citrix database, Terminal server and client)
  • Clients have a 25% and servers a 10% chance that no web app ist started on this machine.
  • Machine inventory: Added BIOS serial number and Baseboard serial number

New Sourcetypes

  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:ApplianceInventory with fields: HostName, Version, License, Model, LicensingMode, HwDescription, SysId, ManufactureDay, ManufactureMonth, ManufactureYear, CpuFrequncy, SerialNo, EncodedSerialno, MACAddress, HostId, LastConfigSaveTime, Timezone, WeakPassword, SystemType, LastConfigChangedTime, LastStartupTime, CurrentHAStatus, LastHAStatusChange, SSLCards, SSLCardsUp
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:AppliancePerformance with fields: HostName, NumCpus, MemSizeMB, MemUseInMB, MemUsagePcnt, MgmtCpuUsagePcnt, PktCpuUsagePcnt, Disk0PerUsage, Disk0Size, Disk0Used, Disk0Avail, Disk1PerUsage, Disk1Size, Disk1Used, Disk1Avail, ApplianceBytesReceived, ApplianceBytesSent
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:Certificate with fields: HostName, CertName, CertFile, CertType, CertExpirationDate
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:Gateway with fields: HostName, vServerName, PrimaryIpAddress, PrimaryPort, Type, State, TotalRequests, TotalResponses, RequestBytesRate, ResponseBytesRate, AuthLDAPPolicies, AuthRadiusPolicies, AuthSAMLPolicies, SessionPolicies, STAs, ResponderPolicies, RewritePolicies, Certificates, PortalTheme, SSL2, SSL3, TLS1, TLS11, TLS12, DiffieHellman, SSLProfile, SessionTimeout, Ciphers, CipherSuites
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:Ip with fields: HostName, IpAddress, IpNetmask, IpType, IpvServer, IpMgmtAccess
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:Service with fields: HostName, ServiceName, Protocol, PrimaryIpAddress, PrimaryPort, State, vServerName, ServiceMonitors
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:ServiceGroup with fields: HostName, ServiceGroupName, Protocol, State, EffectiveState, vServerName, ServiceGroupMembers, ServiceGroupMonitors
  • New sourcetype uberAgent:CitrixADC:vServer with fields: HostName, vServerName, PrimaryIpAddress, PrimaryPort, Type, State, ActSvcs, TotHits, TotalRequests, TotalResponses, RequestBytesRate, ResponseBytesRate, VSLBHealth, RewritePolicies, ResponderPolicies, Certificates, SSL2, SSL3, TLS1, TLS11, TLS12, DiffieHellman, SSLProfile, SessionTimeout, Ciphers, CipherSuites

Updated Sourcetypes

  • Sourcetype uberAgent:System:MachineInventory has new fields: BIOSSerial and BaseboardSerial
  • Sourcetype uberAgent:Session:SessionDetail has new field: SessionFgWindowTitle


  • Restrict sessions to one on a client computer