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New release: uberAgent 6.0 beta
Endpoint Security Analytics

macOS agent

Network monitoring


Events & News

New release: uberAgent 6.0 beta
Endpoint Security Analytics

macOS agent

Network monitoring

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Why uberAgent?

uberAgent is a Splunk agent for end-user computing on Windows & macOS. It does not just collect data – it gives you the information that matters.

Other monitoring products rely on the counters built into the OS. uberAgent has its own metrics, covering key aspects of user experience and application performance.

uberAgent tells you everything you need to know about physical PCs, virtual desktops, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View without affecting your systems’ user density. Whether it’s SBC, VDI or RDS: uberAgent covers it all.

Jeremy Saunders
Jeremy Saunders @jeremysaunders

uberAgent rocks! Thanks to @HelgeKlein for creating such an awesome Splunk Agent. A must for every MOE & Desktop Virtualization deployment.

Henry Heres
Henry Heres @hereshenry

#UberAgent I think I’m in love what an awesome tool! out of the box madness!

David Gaunt
David Gaunt @davidjgaunt

Blimey! How good does UberAgent look! Nice simple monitoring done right. #E2EVC

Shaun Ritchie
Shaun Ritchie @ShaunRitchie_UK

Within 30 minutes of having @uberAgentApp installed found GPP mapping to UNC that doesn’t exist adding 21 seconds to logon for some users.

Patrick Matula

tested uberAgent – really great tool for ts/citrix admins.I believe you have the possibility to know everything! #uberAgent #xenapp #citrix

George Swain
George Swain @GeorgeWSwain

uberagent is awesome, one of the best desktop measuring tools I’ve seen.

Cláudio Rodrigues

I have to say damn @uberAgentApp is awesome. Holy Crap. Sure the install files CAN be much improved but it is an amazing product.

Mathias K.

after two days of @uberAgentApp at customer site with just a bunch of clients they’ve gained so much visibility about stuff they never knew

Sebastiano Ingallo

Many thanks @HelgeKlein for @uberAgentApp, this tool is so useful and easy to use, you did a fantastic job!

Application Identification

Tired of deciphering cryptic process names? We thought so. Process names are for machines, application names are for humans.

uberAgent's automatic application identification does not require configuration - and it even works with services, App-V, Java and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.

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Logon Duration

uberAgent not only tells you if your logon times are good or bad. It shows you exactly where the time is spent.

  • Is it the user profile loading slowly?
  • Has the logon script become too big?
  • Is Group Policy being processed efficiently?
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Network Latency per Application

Oftentimes when applications are performing badly the root cause is an overloaded backend server. Such issues are hard to diagnose. uberAgent makes it a lot easier by showing you how much data was transferred to which backend service and exactly how long that took.

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Application Reliability

Application stability and performance are crucial for user experience. With uberAgent you can measure both!

  • Application UI unresponsiveness tracks when application UIs are not responding to user input.
  • Application performance determines the resource utilization of all the components that make up an application combined.
  • Application errors pinpoints what's wrong - and who is affected.
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RDS Session Footprint

When sizing an SBC farm (e.g. Citrix XenApp, VMware Horizon) you need reliable data about RAM, CPU and disk usage per user session. Such data can be hard to come by. With uberAgent it is but a dashboard away.

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Application Usage

uberAgent easily answers questions like these, both for traditionally installed and SaaS apps:

  • How many licenses do we need for application X?
  • How many applications do we have in total?
  • Which applications need to go into the base image and which apps are candidates for application virtualization?
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Browser Performance – per Website

Browsers have become operating systems of their own. It is no longer sufficient to gather performance data for the browser as a whole. IT needs to be able to monitor response times for business-critical web apps, and understand the CPU/RAM resources websites consume on their systems.

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System Boot Performance

Boot duration is often equivalent to the number of disk IOs – if you want fast boots you need to reduce the IO count. And uberAgent shows you just what you need to know to do that.

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GPU Acceleration

As it becomes more and more common to utilize the GPU for effects, video decoding and even general-purpose computing administrators need a tool that helps them understand exactly how their applications make use of GPU acceleration in order to optimally size the hardware for the workload. uberAgent is that tool.

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Do you have technical questions related to uberAgent? Our help center has the answers! Search the knowledge base, discuss in the forum or submit a support request.

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Do you like what you have seen and would like to know how to get uberAgent up and running on your machines? Ask us, we are always happy to help!


uberAgent: a quick intro

This video explains in 3 minutes why every end-user computing deployment needs uberAgent,
be it physical PCs, virtual desktops, Citrix XenApp, VMware Horizon View or Microsoft RDS.

Watch the video

What Our Customers Say

uberAgent is easy to install and manage, unobtrusive and an invaluable source of information on what happens on our client stations.

Luc Dekens, VMware vExpert & Microsoft MVP, Systems Engineer at MUAC
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What Our Customers Say

In a VDI environment small footprint and minimal overhead are essential ingredients for any agent. uberAgent meets this requirement easily.

Tiemon de Vries, Systems Engineer, Martini Ziekenhuis
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