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uberAgent Helpdesk Splunk App

The uberAgent Helpdesk Splunk App is designed for helpdesk heroes who support virtual or physical desktops and who need quick answers to typical questions like the following:

  • Why is my login so slow? It was fast yesterday.
  • Why is my app constantly crashing?
  • Citrix is slow!
  • The website is not loading fast enough!

What Does the App Look Like?

The app has just one dashboard, nice and easy. You start by searching either for a user or a machine. After selecting a session of interest detailed information will be provided.

The dashboard gives you an overview of the user’s session with helpful content like user and machine information, connection state over time as well as logon time compared to the previous week.

Now dive into the session’s performance and compare it to the entire machine or even to other sessions in the organization.

The user is reporting issues with a specific native application or SaaS app? Click on an item in the list and you will get details to solve the user’s problem immediately!


The app is available for free and can be downloaded from Splunkbase.


The helpdesk app provides a different view of the regular dataset collected by uberAgent. As such it requires a working uberAgent infrastructure on Splunk. General uberAgent requirements apply.

uberAgent Version

  • uberAgent UXM 6.0 or greater


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