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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

DNS Query Monitoring Metrics

DNS Query Monitoring

uberAgent collects detailed information about DNS queries: the request, all responses, and the process from which the query originated.


  • Source type: uberAgentESA:Process:DnsQuery
  • Used in dashboards: Process DNS
  • Enabled through configuration setting: DnsMonitoring
  • Related configuration settings: n/a

List of Fields in the Raw Agent Data

Field Description Data type Unit Example
ProcName Process name. String svchost.exe
ProcGUID Process GUID. String 4b3e3686-7854-4d98-0023-1e0e617bf2e4
DnsRequest DNS query name. String
DnsResponse DNS query response. String
DnsResponseType DNS query response type (e.g.: A, AAAA, CNAME). String A
DnsEventCount Number of requests in the last interval. Number 1

The fields DnsRequest, DnsResponse, and DnsResponseType may contain multiple values, separated by a semicolon ;.

List of Calculated Fields

Field Description Data type Unit Example Where available
TimestampMs _time * 1000. Number ms 1585913547467 Splunk data model


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