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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

UXM Feature Support on macOS

The long-term goal for uberAgent UXM on macOS is to achieve feature-parity with its Windows counterpart. As long as this is not yet the case, this article helps you to see at a glance which metrics are being collected and which dashboards contain macOS-specific information.

More information about individual fields is available in the metrics documentation.


  • uberAgent:Application:AppNameIdMapping
  • uberAgent:Application:ApplicationInventory
  • uberAgent:Application:ApplicationUsage
  • uberAgent:Application:BrowserWebRequests2
  • uberAgent:License:LicenseInfo
  • uberAgent:Process:ProcessDetail
  • uberAgent:Session:SessionDetail
  • uberAgent:System:DiskInventory
  • uberAgent:System:MachineInventory
  • uberAgent:System:MonitorInventory
  • uberAgent:System:NetworkConfigInformation
  • uberAgent:System:VolumeInventory



  • Experience Sore


  • Machine Performance
  • Machine Network Configuration
  • Machine Uptime
  • Machine Inventory
  • Machine Storage


  • User Session Overview
  • User Sessions
  • Session 0


  • Application Performance
  • Browser Web App Performance
  • Browser Web App Usage
  • Application Inventory
  • Application Usage


  • Process Performance


  • Data Volume
  • Licensing Status
  • uberAgent Versions

Coming Soon

The below list shows features which are not yet available on macOS.

  • Crashes and hangs for applications and machines
  • Custom scripts
  • GPU usage monitoring
  • Machine on/off transition metrics
  • Network performance data
  • Safari web app monitoring
  • Tagging for users & hosts
  • User logon/logoff metrics


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