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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Changelog and Release Notes

Version 5.3.1

New features

  • Browsers/Firefox extension [B336]: Firefox data collection is now initially disabled as required per Mozilla’s updated policy (documentation).


  • Dashboards: replaced double quotes around tokens with |s token filters


  • Service [I64]: locally cached licences are ignored when the configured license path is not reachable.
  • Service [I52]: in rare cases numeric values are converted to -nan(ind) which leads to an error on Kafka backends.
  • Service [I50]: new log file is not always prepended with a configuration dump.
  • Service [I75]: in rare cases some fields (e.g. SessionGUID, AppId) in the sourcetype uberAgent:Application:Errors are empty.
  • Service: log message regarding ETW pointer sizes is incorrectly classified as error instead of warning.
  • Dashboards [I73]: altered searches within the Application/Process Network Issues dashboards to better match the results of the reconnects & retransmits timechart and the table below.
  • Splunk [I31]: the hostinfo lookups are now marked as case insensitive because the host and NameHost fields may have different cases.

Known issues

  • GPU [I33]: values for the fields ComputeUsagePercentAllEngines, ComputeUsagePercentEngine0 and similar can be higher than 100 with Intel Iris GPUs on Windows Server 2016 1607.
  • Citrix ADC: in very rare cases the content of the Virtual Server Performance field vServerName contains spaces in wrong places.
  • Citrix XA/XD Machines: when running the Citrix VDA on a Citrix Delivery Controller, some per-machine information is missing.
  • Browsers/IE add-on: metrics are not collected on page reload.
  • Browsers/IE add-on: metrics are collected incompletely for the configured start page.
  • IE browser performance monitoring does not work if IE is running as a Citrix XenApp published application. It does work from published desktops, however.
  • Boot duration: the metrics TotalBootTimeMs, MainPathBootTimeMs and PostBootTimeMs cannot be determined for every system boot.
  • Browser web app performance: websites may modify the JavaScript performance variable. When that happens, uberAgent cannot determine the page load duration.
  • Update inventory: not all installed Windows updates may be reported due to API limitations.


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