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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Citrix Site Monitoring

What is Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site Monitoring?

uberAgent detects if it is running on a Citrix Delivery Controller (DDC) or a Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA). On DDCs, uberAgent automatically activates additional metrics like machine registration status, license usage, and published application inventory.

Which Metrics Are Collected By Citrix Site Monitoring?

Citrix site monitoring collects a rich set of metrics about many aspects of Citrix CVAD sites (see the metrics documentation for details):

  • Published applications
  • Databases
  • Desktops
  • Desktop groups
  • Hypervisors
  • Licenses
  • Machines
  • Machine Catalogs

Enabling or Disabling Site Monitoring

Citrix site monitoring is enabled by default but is only activated on Citrix delivery controllers as explained above. To disable Citrix site monitoring disable the following metrics in the configuration:

  • CitrixDCDesktopGroup
  • CitrixDCCatalog
  • CitrixDCMachine
  • CitrixDCHypervisor
  • CitrixDCGeneralInformation
  • CitrixDCLicenseInformation
  • CitrixDCApplication
  • CitrixDCPublishedDesktops

Installing & Configuring Citrix Site Monitoring

Install the uberAgent endpoint agent on at least one delivery controller per site. Installation on more than one controller is optional – it helps ensure uninterrupted data collection even when individual DDCs are unavailable.

Required Permissions

uberAgent requires read-only administrator permissions for:

  • each delivery controller’s computer account
  • the local SYSTEM account

Permissions Script Template

The following script template can be used to grant the required permissions. Fill in the names of your domain and of your Citrix DDCs before running it in an elevated PowerShell console.

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1
New-AdminAdministrator -Sid S-1-5-18 -Enabled $true
Add-AdminRight -Role 0a05f0c6-0153-4852-a55a-989d6a95c0eb -Administrator S-1-5-18 -All
New-AdminAdministrator -Name <Domain>\<computer account> -Enabled $true
Add-AdminRight -Role 0a05f0c6-0153-4852-a55a-989d6a95c0eb -Administrator <Domain>\<computer account> -All

Permissions Script Example

The following example script demonstrates how to grant the required permissions in an environment with two DDCs named CTX-DDC1 and CTX-DDC2 that are members of the CONTOSO domain. Note that you need to append a dollar sign ($) to the computername.

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.DelegatedAdmin.Admin.V1
New-AdminAdministrator -Sid S-1-5-18 -Enabled $true
Add-AdminRight -Role 0a05f0c6-0153-4852-a55a-989d6a95c0eb -Administrator S-1-5-18 -All
New-AdminAdministrator -Name CONTOSO\CTX-DDC1$ -Enabled $true
Add-AdminRight -Role 0a05f0c6-0153-4852-a55a-989d6a95c0eb -Administrator CONTOSO\CTX-DDC1$ -All
New-AdminAdministrator -Name CONTOSO\CTX-DDC2$ -Enabled $true
Add-AdminRight -Role 0a05f0c6-0153-4852-a55a-989d6a95c0eb -Administrator CONTOSO\CTX-DDC2$ -All

Sizing Guidelines

Sizing recommendations for delivery controllers with uberAgent:

  • 1,000 machines: minimal CPU usage, 30 MB RAM
  • 25,000 machines: 0.5 CPU cores, 500 MB RAM

System Requirements

The following services need to be started on delivery controllers with uberAgent:

  • Citrix Delegated Administration Service
  • Citrix Monitor Service

Please see the system requirements page for supported product versions.


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