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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Citrix Cloud Monitoring

Disclaimer: Citrix Cloud monitoring makes use of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops OData APIs. These APIs are currently in Tech Preview state!

What Is Citrix Cloud Monitoring?

Citrix Cloud monitoring refers to uberAgent’s capability to monitor the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) control plane in Citrix Cloud. This is an exciting feature for customers who do not host delivery controllers on-premises but leverage Citrix Cloud instead.

Which Metrics Are Collected By Citrix Cloud Monitoring?

Citrix Cloud monitoring collects a rich set of metrics about many aspects of a Citrix Cloud deployment (see the metrics documentation for details):

  • Published applications
  • Desktops
  • Desktop groups
  • Machines
  • Machine Catalogs

Enabling or Disabling Citrix Cloud Monitoring

Citrix Cloud monitoring is disabled by default. You can enable the data collection through the configuration setting [CitrixCloud_Config] in uberAgent’s configuration.

To completely disable Citrix Cloud monitoring, disable the following metrics in the configuration:

  • CitrixDCDesktopGroup
  • CitrixDCCatalog
  • CitrixDCMachine
  • CitrixDCGeneralInformation
  • CitrixDCApplication
  • CitrixDCPublishedDesktops

Installation and Configuration

To enable the Citrix Cloud data collection, please configure the stanza [CitrixCloud_Config] in uberAgent’s configuration. Make sure that this setting is only distributed to the machines that are intended for this purpose. If you distribute it with CollectCitrixCloudInformation=True to all machines where uberAgent is installed, every endpoint communicates with the Citrix Cloud APIs, which could overload the APIs and generate unnecessary data.

CollectCitrixCloudInformation=MachineList in combination with a set of machines configured in CollectCitrixCloudInformationMachines, defines on which machines the collection of Citrix Cloud metrics will be performed.

uberAgent Configuration

This section explains the configuration via uberAgent’s configuration file. The configuration via GPO works accordingly.

Use the stanza [CitrixCloud_Config] to specify how uberAgent should connect to the Citrix Cloud infrastructure. If multiple [CitrixCloud_Config] stanzas are specified, the configured metrics are determined for each of them. Use one [CitrixCloud_Config] stanza per Citrix Cloud tenant. The API endpoint option must contain to full URL to the Citrix Cloud server (e.g., The appendix /monitordata is optional.

Following are some examples of valid Citrix Cloud monitoring configurations. More information on the parameters is available in the configuration file itself.

Example 1: one Citrix Cloud tenant. Data collection happens on all uberAgent endpoints.

API endpoint =
CustomerId = <CustomerId>
ClientId = <ClientId>
ClientSecret = <ClientSecret>

Example 2: one Citrix Cloud tenant. Data collection happens on specific endpoints only.

API endpoint =
CustomerId = <CustomerId>
ClientId = <ClientId>
ClientSecret = <ClientSecret>
CollectCitrixCloudInformationMachines = MachineA,MachineB


  • Create a Citrix Cloud API client as described here.
  • The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Remote PowerShell SDK must be installed on the endpoint.
  • PowerShell script execution is required by the Remote PowerShell SDK. Set the execution policy (machine scope) accordingly, for example, RemoteSigned.

Note: the Remote PowerShell SDK must not be installed on:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops delivery controllers
  • Citrix Cloud Connector machines

Please see the system requirements page for details.


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