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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Installing the Internet Explorer Browser Add-on

uberAgent’s browser web app performance functionality requires a browser add-on (aka extension) to be installed. This article lists the necessary steps.

Enabling and Configuring the Agent Metric

To enable data collection from Internet Explorer make sure uberAgent’s BrowserPerformanceIE metric is enabled in the configuration. In the default configuration, BrowserPerformanceIE is enabled.

You can optionally disable the collection of performance data from embedded frames via the registry. The following setting is valid for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems:

Key:        SOFTWARE\vast limits\uberAgent
Value name: IEAddonIgnoreFrames
Value type: DWORD
Value data: 0 (default) - Collect performance data from each page including embedded frames 
            1           - Do not collect performance data from embedded frames

Installing the IE Add-on

The add-on’s files are part of the uberAgent setup and placed in the installation directory automatically.

Note: the add-on is not registered automatically to prevent prompts asking the end-users for confirmation.

Registering the IE Add-on

Manual Registration

For tests and PoCs, it may be easiest to register uberAgent’s Internet Explorer add-on manually. The installation directory contains the file Register-uAIEExtension.cmd. Run this file with elevated rights to register uberAgent’s Internet Explorer add-on DLLs.

Alternatively, run the following commands with elevated rights:

regsvr32 /s "%ProgramFiles%\vast limits\uberAgent\uAIEExtension32.dll"
regsvr32 /s "%ProgramFiles%\vast limits\uberAgent\uAIEExtension64.dll"

Automated Registration – Software Deployment Tool

The automated registration of uberAgent’s Internet Explorer add-on is easily possible with your software deployment tool of choice. Make sure to register the two DLLs using the regsvr32 commands (see above) after uberAgent is installed.

Automated Registration – uberAgent Service

uberAgent’s Internet Explorer add-on can be registered automatically through uberAgent’s system service. Please note that this does not happen by default to prevent end-user prompts (see below).

To configure the uberAgent service to automatically register the IE add-on set the RegisterIEAddOn configuration value to 1.

Enabling the IE Add-on

Enable Manually

Internet Explorer will ask each user to enable the add-on once the DLLs are registered when the browser is started.

Enable Automatically

To avoid end-user prompts, configure the Group Policy setting Add-on List for automatic enablement. The setting can be found at Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Security Features > Add-on Management > Add-on List.

Add an entry with the following values:

Value name: {82004312-5B53-46F1-B179-4FCE28048E6F}
Value data: 1

Relevant Configuration Settings

Protected Mode

The uberAgent Internet Explorer add-on has been tested successfully and is supported in protected mode.

Enhanced Protected Mode

The uberAgent Internet Explorer add-on has been tested successfully and is supported in enhanced protected mode.

Enterprise Mode

Internet Explorer enterprise mode allows customers to define URLs that are rendered with older versions of the IE engine (e.g., IE9 or IE10). uberAgent’s Internet Explorer add-on requires IE11 and only works for sites rendered with version 11 of the IE engine.


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