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Visualizing uberAgent Data in Azure Monitor—Part 4: Conclusion

  • by Dominik Britz
  • May 20, 2020

Welcome back to our four-part blog series about visualizing uberAgent data in Azure Monitor. So far you have learned the basics about Azure Monitor and the search language Kusto. You created your first Kusto search as well. Also, you learned that none of the built-in visualization options nor Grafana can compete with Splunk. This is part four.

The blog-series is split as follows:

  1. First part: the basics
  2. Second part: comparing the dashboarding capabilities of Azure Monitor and Splunk
  3. Third part: using Grafana with Azure Monitor for uberAgent
  4. Fourth part (this article): conclusion

Searching in Azure Monitor Is Awesome

Azure Monitor’s search language Kusto is fun to work with. It’s intuitive to use, especially if you’ve worked with SQL or Splunk’s SPL before. It’s also very powerful! The only downside we found is that Kusto lacks the ability to use wildcards in comparisons.

Visualisations Could Use Some Work

There are several options for visualizing data in Azure Monitor:

  • Azure Dashboards
  • Azure Monitor Views
  • Workbooks
  • PowerBI

We have looked at all of them in this blog series. Unfortunately, no variant has all the features we need. What one is lacking, the other has. And vice versa.

A promising option comes from outside: Grafana. But not even Grafana provides all the functionality we would like to see in uberAgent dashboards.

Summary: Azure Monitor Visualization Capabilities

The table below illustrates how well the three technologies we examined in detail meet our requirements:

Azure Dashboards Workbooks Grafana
Interactivity No Partly Partly
Filtering No Yes Partly
Powerful charts Partly Yes Yes
Variables and parameters No Yes Yes
Packaging as an app No Partly Yes
JavaScript support No No No

Call Out to Our Partners

The dashboards we ship with uberAgent need to work for all organizations and use cases equally well. Specific requirements from individual customers can certainly be implemented well in Workbooks or Grafana. This is a great opportunity to shine for partners focused on Azure.


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