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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Changelog and Release Notes

Version 7.0.1


  • Agent (macOS) [B769]: the uberAgent app bundle now comes with an app icon.
  • Citrix session monitoring (Windows) [I797]: multi-monitor environments are now handled correctly.
  • Dashboards [I790]: the charts DNS packet size distribution and DNS requests over time on the Process DNS dashboard can now be grouped by target, too.
  • Logon monitoring (Windows) [I833]: improved session start time algorithm fixes occasional errors (logon time before session start).
  • Network monitoring (Windows) [I815]: new ConfigFlag: NetworkDriverMaximumConnectionLimit limits the maximum number of concurrent monitored network connections.
  • Splunk [B774]: enabled acceleration.allow_skew option for the uberAgent apps in Splunk Cloud.


  • Dashboards [I790]: fixed wrong calculation in the chart DNS packet size distribution on the Process DNS dashboard.
  • Dashboards [I795]: fixed empty charts on the Process performance and Application performance dashboards.
  • Dashboards [I812]: adjusted a limit option in the Network Communication dashboards to make sure all connections are displayed as part of the drilldown.
  • Experience Score [I827]: calculation of thresholds and weights of the network score were wrong for machines and applications.
  • Logon monitoring (Windows) [I844]: in environments with Ivanti Workspace Control and a custom shell, the logon end was not detected.
  • Network monitoring (Windows) [I815]: fixed missing network metrics after waking up a machine from standby.
  • Network monitoring (Windows) [I815]: fixed rare cases of missing network metrics after network issues or connection losses.
  • Service (Windows) [I779]: fixed a possible crash of the service that could occur when a session had a logon timeout.
  • Service (Windows) [I811]: a trailing backslash in the value of the %TEMP% environment variable caused 100% CPU load on one core.
  • Service (Windows) [I835]: removed confusing log message on x86 systems when BSOD parameters were retrieved.
  • Service (Windows) [I836]: fixed retrieving of the process ID from the Application Error event log (event ID 1000) on Windows 11.
  • Splunk [I796]: fixed incorrect calculation of the field CatalogId in the data model uberAgentUXM_Citrix.
  • Splunk [I826]: fixed outdated values in lookup_hostinfo.

Known issues

  • Boot duration (Windows): the metrics TotalBootTimeMs, MainPathBootTimeMs and PostBootTimeMs cannot be determined for every system boot.
  • Browsers/IE add-on (Windows): metrics are not collected on page reload.
  • Browsers/IE add-on (Windows): metrics are collected incompletely for the configured start page.
  • Browsers/IE add-on (Windows): monitoring does not work if IE is published from Citrix Virtual Apps. It does work from Citrix Virtual Desktops, however.
  • Browsers/Firefox add-on: if the option privacy.resistFingerprinting is set to true, browser metrics are not available due to invalid data being sent from Firefox.
  • Citrix ADC: in sporadic cases, the content of the Virtual Server Performance field vServerName contains spaces in the wrong places.
  • Citrix site monitoring (Windows): data collection issue if the Citrix Remote Powershell SDK (required for Citrix Cloud monitoring) is installed on a CVAD controller.
  • Citrix XA/XD Machines (Windows): when running the Citrix VDA on a Citrix Delivery Controller, some per-machine information is missing.
  • Experience Score [I377]: scheduled searches generate three warnings in Splunk’s _internal index every 30 minutes. The messages look like the following: DateParserVerbose - Failed to parse timestamp in first MAX_TIMESTAMP_LOOKAHEAD (128) characters of event.. However, there is no impact on uberAgent’s functionality.
  • GPU (Windows) [I33]: values for the fields ComputeUsagePercentAllEngines, ComputeUsagePercentEngine0 and similar can be higher than 100 with Intel Iris GPUs on Windows Server 2016 1607.
  • Kafka [I291]: in rare cases, sending data to Kafka results in a SEC_E_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL error message in the log file. This should have no effect; the transmission is repeated and succeeds on the second try.
  • Update inventory (Windows): not all installed Windows updates may be reported due to API limitations.
  • Volume inventory (macOS): the encryption status of mounted read-only APFS snapshots may not be reported due to API limitations. This includes the root directory volume in a default installation of macOS.


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