What’s New in uberAgent 3.1

uberAgent 3.1 is available as of today. In addition to many improvements and bugfixes it adds the following new functionality:

  • Much more detailed user logon performance data
  • Group Policy configuration
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for Splunk 6.3

Logon Performance

uberAgent has always been extremely valuable in troubleshooting slow logons. With this release we have made that feature set even more powerful.

If you want to find out why logons are slow you need detailed information as to what is actually going on. uberAgent 3.1 provides exactly that. The Single Logon dashboard now includes a logon process performance table that displays all the processes that were part of a user logon.

For every one of those processes uberAgent shows when it was started and stopped, the name of the parent process and the full command line. It also categorizes processes by type so that you can easily identify all processes that were part of the logon script, for example. Finally, it determines each process’s performance footprint during the logon phase only.

This is what uberAgent makes of a simple logon script:

uberAgent - logon process performance

In addition to the detailed view above uberAgent also groups processes by type, showing the resource footprint for major phases like logon script and shell start:

uberAgent - logon performance by process type

Group Policy

uberAgent is easy to deploy and maintain, yet provides the flexibility enterprises need. In order to further simplify management we have added configuration via Group Policy in this new release.

Group Policy configuration makes all settings from the configuration file available by way of an ADMX template. We have even included a GPO backup that can be used to import the recommended default configuration into any GPO.

And More

There is a lot more new and improved stuff than we could describe here. Go try it for yourself: setting up uberAgent is super-fast and easy.

As always upgrading is highly recommended. Please see the changelog for details. The new version can be downloaded here.

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