Webinar: Deep-Dive Into Web App UX Monitoring

uberAgent is one of the very few tools available that provide visibility into the user experience and performance of web-based SaaS applications. Helge Klein, Citrix CTP, ex Microsoft MVP & VMware vExpert will be explaining how that works and why you need it in an upcoming webinar hosted by deep-dive into web app UX monitoring with uberAgent.

  • Application usage: do you know which SaaS apps your users spend most of their time in?
  • Performance: are your browser-based apps loading fast enough?
  • Troubleshooting: can you pinpoint web app responsiveness problems?

In this deep-dive session, you will learn how to answer all of the above with uberAgent. Register now!

  1. Amy Chong says:

    Any possibility to arrange this kind of webinar in Singapore?

    1. Helge Klein says:

      You can access the webinar from Singapore, of course. If you are looking for a local event please talk to our partner Imperium Solutions.

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