How to Buy

Solution Partners

Services: Consulting, Sales

Our solution partners are competent both with uberAgent and with Splunk. They are able to assist you with PoCs, architecture, customizations as well as quotes and pricing. Most of our solution partners are also Splunk partners.

Gold Solution Partners

Silver Solution Partners

Consulting Partners

Services: Consulting

Our consulting partners help setting up PoCs and assist with architecture and customizations. They do not resell our products.


Services: Sales

We work with many resellers worldwide. If you have a favorite reseller: just ask them about uberAgent!


Services: Sales

Our distributors are the number one contact for resellers and partners. We are working with:

If you are a reseller outside of the area covered by Arrow we are happy to sell direct.


After you bought a license, do not forget to download the software.

Pricing and Licensing

Details are available here.


Please see this page for available support options.


Do you have questions that were not answered here? Please ask us, we are happy to help!