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uberAgent’s Chrome/Edge Extension: 1 Million Users

  • by Helge Klein
  • January 17, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that the uberAgent browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge surpassed the threshold of one million active users. This is all the more exciting as the extension is an optional component of our Windows & macOS digital employee experience monitoring & endpoint security analytics product.

What Are the uberAgent Browser Extensions?

The uberAgent browser extensions connect uberAgent’s endpoint agent with the local machine’s browser(s), allowing uberAgent to pull website performance and web app usage data from the source: the user’s browser.

Which Browsers Are Supported?

uberAgent’s browser extensions are available for the following browsers:

  • Chrome, Edge, and other browsers based on Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

How To Install the uberAgent Browser Extensions

uberAgent is famous for its quick and simple installation. The only thing you need in addition to the endpoint agent for Windows or macOS is one of the browser extensions. We have detailed installation instructions for the following browsers:

In addition to manual installation from the store, deployment via Group Policy is supported, too, of course. Please see the documentation links above for details.

Once installed, all browsers (except for IE) keep their extensions up to date; new versions are installed silently without user intervention or admin deployment. By the way, there is no need to worry about which uberAgent component to deploy first, the agent or the browser extension. Either way is fine – once both are up and running, they talk to each other automatically.

Dashboards With Data From the Browser Extension

The data collected via uberAgent’s browser extensions is visualized in the following dashboards:

  • Application Usage
  • Browser Web App Performance
  • Browser Web App Usage

About uberAgent

The uberAgent product family offers innovative digital employee experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics for Windows and macOS.

uberAgent UXM highlights include detailed information about boot and logon duration, application unresponsiveness detection, network reliability drill-downs, process startup duration, application usage metering, browser performance, web app metrics, and Citrix insights. All these varied aspects of system performance and reliability are smartly brought together in the Experience Score dashboard.

uberAgent ESA excels with a sophisticated Threat Detection Engine, endpoint security & compliance rating, the uAQL query language, detection of risky activity, DNS query monitoring, hash calculation, registry monitoring, and Authenticode signature verification. uberAgent ESA comes with Sysmon and Sigma rule converters, a graphical rule editor, and uses a simple yet powerful query language instead of XML.

About vast limits

vast limits GmbH is the company behind uberAgent, the innovative digital employee experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics product. vast limits’ customer list includes organizations from industries like finance, healthcare, professional services, and education, ranging from medium-sized businesses to global enterprises. vast limits’ network of qualified solution partners ensures best-in-class service and support anywhere in the world.


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