uberAgent at BriForum Denver

We are having a great time explaining how uberAgent can help optimize and troubleshoot Citrix, VMware and Microsoft virtual environments at BriForum Denver 2015:


uberAgent provides monitoring and analytics capabilities for end-user computing. It helps improve the user experience and find bottlenecks. It tells you if applications are slow, and where that slowness comes from (oftentimes some backend system, not XenApp/Horizon View at all).

uberAgent collects data on the monitored systems through an extremely lightweight agent that consumes less than 0.5% CPU, 15 MB RAM and does not create any disk IO at all. uberAgent’s backend is built on Splunk, giving it practically unlimited scalability.

If you are at BriForum, come to our booth #6 and talk with us. We’ll reward you with some customized M&M’s:


If you are not at BriForum, try uberAgent on your own machines. You will be amazed at the new level of visibility you will suddenly have.

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