New Free Add-On: uberAgent Helpdesk Splunk App

We are thrilled to introduce our newest Splunk app, the uberAgent helpdesk app. Do you have a team of support heroes demanding a tool that provides all the data they need to troubleshoot users and machines easily? We created right that!

What is uberAgent?

Let us recap what uberAgent is all about:

  • Tells you everything relevant to user experience
  • Helps you identify trends that otherwise would have gone unnoticed
  • Supports IT pros with the information they need for deep troubleshooting

uberAgent is famous for the latter. There are few other tools that offer such a rich set of valuable information about endpoints.

But what about the helpdesk? If you are on the phone with an end-user, you don’t always have the time to browse through several different dashboards looking for the root cause of an issue. With the new uberAgent helpdesk Splunk app that is not necessary. It is your place to go to spot a problem, provide a solution, solve the ticket and make your users happier.

For Whom Is the App Designed?

The app is designed for helpdesk heroes who support virtual or physical desktops and who need quick answers to typical questions like the following:

  • Why is my login so slow? It was fast yesterday.
  • Why is my app constantly crashing?
  • Citrix is slow!
  • The website is not loading fast enough!

What Are the Benefits?

Why would you want to use the uberAgent helpdesk app? We have many good reasons. The top three would be:

  1. Spot issues in user sessions right away
  2. Less time to solve a ticket
  3. Happier users

Where Can I Get It?

Please refer to the documentation for a general overview, download and requirements.

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