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Charity Donations 2019

  • by Helge Klein
  • September 25, 2019

As in the previous year, we are donating significant amounts to charity organizations that help make our world better to live in. While the 2018 donations focused on education (true to our company motto coined by Mark Twain), this year’s themes are children and climate change.

How We Choose Organizations

Our charity organization selection process is mostly about employee choice. While management sets the year’s theme, the amount to be donated is split evenly amongst all employees (including management). Each employee has the freedom, but also the responsibility to choose their own preferred organization.

Why Children and Climate Change?

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. Helping them become the best possible humans is in their best interest, but also in everybody else’s.

Climate change is similar: an investment in climate protection is an investment in humanity’s future. It is also about our generation’s legacy and, of course, the future of our children.

How vast limits Helps

In 2019 we are donating to the following charity organizations:

Plant for the Planet

It all started with a nine-year old’s school presentation. Today Plant for the Planet is a global movement with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world.

Plant for the Planet encourages as many children as possible to fight for their future. More than 70,000 of them are ambassadors for climate justice. These are children between the age of 9-12, who pass on their knowledge at academies to other children, who train to become ambassadors as well.

Die Arche

The German word arche means ark in English. The name reflects the organization’s purpose well. Die Arche provides lunch, homework tutoring, and organizes activities and camps for children and teenagers from all social backgrounds.

Ärztliche Kinderschutzambulanz Bergisch Land e.V.

The medical child protection outpatient clinic, based at the Sana-Klinikum in Remscheid, is a specialist center for children and adolescents affected by physical abuse, neglect and/or sexual violence. It was founded in 1989 and is ran by a multi-professional team consisting of pediatricians and therapists from different disciplines. The clinic provides advice, first aid, and a range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures for affected persons.

Aufbruch am Arrenberg e.V.

Stadtquartier Arrenberg is a residential district in the west of Wuppertal, which was founded in 2008 by only 10 local residents, entrepreneurs and project developers, with the goal to counteract the ongoing downward spiral in the neighborhood. Today, the organization has almost 200 members and focuses on projects in the fields of energy, mobility, and nutrition.

Another important initiative is programming workshops for children. The courses are aimed at third and fourth-grade children from low-income families. In the workshops, boys and girls are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of the processes that surround them every day in tablets, mobile phones or notebooks.

Scouts in Lichtenberg – Morsbach, Germany

It all began in 2009 when the children and teenagers in Lichtenberg thought about how they would like to be meaningfully engaged in their free time. The idea was to join a large organization that had high standards in terms of each other. It was essential to learn how to get along in politics, society, and daily life. Life classified without factors such as skin color, nationality, and governmentality, sex, and age matters.

The decision to join the BDP Landesverband NRW (scout organization) and start up a local scout stem came quickly. It started with ten children and three volunteering carers. Meanwhile, the tribe consists of 40 members with children from the age of 6, and the trend is rising under the motto “participate – help – talk – travel and contribute your ideas.”

Life is not virtual but real, and the goal is to teach the children a respectful way to live together. Essential elements are youth leads youth, learning by doing and closeness to nature.

To learn this and to pass it on, the tribe takes part in numerous events and offers many possibilities of further training for youth work, e.g., youth training certificate, hiking, camping, and orientation are essential points here.


nestwärme is committed to help families that carry the weight of having to care for seriously ill or handicapped children at home. The independent charity offers active help through counseling and support to give families the strength to come up with the vital nest warmth it needs.

Swift and unbureaucratic help is the priority since parents oftentimes have to fight on all fronts for their child and their own balance. Therefore nestwärme developed a structure that is oriented towards the special needs of those families and comprises a unique relief network. Part of that network are volunteers that donate their competence or talents and that support regional nests in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Among other facilities, there is also the child’s competence center in the Trier area that houses an ambulant child and intensive care service as well as a children hospice.


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