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This is the privacy policy for the browser extensions that are part of the uberAgent software products.

Extension Update Checks

All Browsers

Browsers periodically check for updates for all your extensions including the uberAgent extension. Some general information, such as browser version, extension version, operating system and your IP address, are transmitted during an update check.

Chrome Only

uberAgent beta and release channel updates are handled by the Chrome Web Store and are subject to its privacy policy.

Firefox Only

uberAgent beta channel updates are handled by the website and the data transmitted is subject to its privacy policy. uberAgent release channel updates are handled by the website and are subject to the Firefox privacy policy.

Data Collection

The uberAgent extension may store some data in the browser profile on your computer.

The uberAgent extension never transmits any data to any servers directly. The uberAgent extension transmits a specific set of collected data to the external uberAgent application running on the same machine as the browser for centralized analysis. This data transmission happens via native messaging, a browser functionality.

The external uberAgent application transmits data only to servers explicitly specified by the customer of the uberAgent application in the application’s configuration. Customers are always in full control of where data is sent to for centralized analysis. This means that vast limits, the vendor of the uberAgent application and browser extension, never sees any customer data collected by either the uberAgent extension or application.

The following data is determined by the uberAgent browser extension and transmitted via native messaging:

  • Request type = HTTP or XmlHttpRequest
  • Is frame = request made by an IFrame or by the main frame
  • Browser version = browser version number
  • URL of tab shown in URL bar
  • The URL requested by the web page
  • Duration of request, page load, network and rendering
  • Http status code