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Zero Bug Policy: Issue Backlog Zero Achieved

  • by Helge Klein
  • October 26, 2021

As part of our zero bug policy, today we achieved what might be called issue backlog zero. In other words: all known bugs have been fixed in the upcoming uberAgent version 6.2.

What Is a Zero Bug Policy?

Citing from Kevin Sookocheff’s article on the subject, a Zero Bug Policy is simple. All bugs take priority over all new feature development or improvements. That’s it. There is nothing more.

Yassal Sundman also describes the zero bug principle very well. Her article’s title says it all: stop managing bugs, start focusing on quality.

Benefits of a Zero Bug Policy

Increased Customer Satisfaction

“By treating bugs as high priority we treat customers and their experience as high priority”, Kevin Sookocheff eloquently wrote.

Support Resource Optimization

We don’t have level one or level two support. We only have level three. When you contact uberAgent support, your request is processed by an experienced IT professional with the knowledge and the skills to understand your issue and troubleshoot it across all layers. We don’t want these engineers to be bogged down by repetitive routine issues. By fixing every bug we ensure that each issue is dealt with exactly once. This frees up valuable time that is better spent helping customers and partners succeed with uberAgent.

Reduced Development Costs & Increased Agility

By fixing bugs quickly we keep our technical debt low. This allows us to react more quickly to changing requirements and to implement new features without having to deal with old issues first.


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