uberAgent Surpasses 115,000 Installs on the Chrome Web Store

We are thrilled to announce that the uberAgent browser extension for Google Chrome surpassed the threshold of 115,000 active users. This is all the more exciting as the extension is an optional component of our monitoring and analytics product.

What is the uberAgent Chrome Extension?

uberAgent is all about the many aspects of applications. It records app crashes or hangs, determines application performance, performs inventories of all installed apps – and figures out where users spend how much time. In other words: uberAgent tells you which applications are used when, how often, and for how long.

These days, of course, browser-based web apps comprise an important part of any organization’s application set. That poses a problem for monitoring tools. For the typical monitoring product, the browser is the application, not the many separate web apps running in parallel, each in its own tab.

We set out to change that. uberAgent was the first product to record web app usage – for any web app, without requiring changes to a web site’s code. uberAgent monitors in-house line of business applications just as well as it works with YouTube, Facebook or any other public site.

If you are still uncertain as to why you should monitor web apps, read how the browser has become an OS for web apps.

How to Install the uberAgent Chrome Extension?

uberAgent is famous for its quick and simple installation. The only thing you need in addition to the endpoint agent is the browser extension, which can be found on the Chrome Web Store or deployed via Group Policy.

Once installed, the browser extension updates automatically. And there is no need to worry which to deploy first, the agent or the extension: once both are up and running they will talk to each other automatically.

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