uberAgent Masterclass at E2EVC Amsterdam

We will be hosting an uberAgent masterclass at the E2EVC community conference in Amsterdam next week. E2EVC is the perfect place to learn from and network with your fellow end-user computing geek. The amount of brainpower that comes together for E2EVC several times a year in Europe, the USA, Asia and/or Africa is staggering. What better place for a deep-dive technical uberAgent training?

Masterclass Agenda

We have content for anybody with a solid background in end-user computing. If you are new to uberAgent you will get a thorough technical architecture overview. If you are already experienced in the product you should enjoy the deep-dives. Along the way, we want to hear about your monitoring requirements. And, as always, we are very open to feature requirements.

The specific topics to be covered are subject to change depending on the attendees’ interests. Following are some of the areas we hope to cover:

  • Architecture overview
  • Architecture deep-dive
    • How we collect user data
    • How we collect browser performance data
    • How we collect Citrix site data
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Username encryption
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Adding custom metrics
    • Performance counters
    • Custom scripts
  • Logging
  • Dashboards
    • uberAgent’s Splunk data model
    • Custom dashboards
    • Custom lookups


No registration necessary. Just make sure you are registered for E2EVC and show up for the masterclass at 10:00 am on Saturday.

See you soon!

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