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uberAgent 6.0 Beta: Introducing New Levels of Endpoint Visibility

  • by Dominik Britz
  • April 23, 2020

We are happy to announce the first beta version of our user experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics product. uberAgent 6.0 beta includes the first release of uberAgent ESA (endpoint security analytics) as well as uberAgent UXM for macOS and brings improvements to the current uberAgent UXM for Windows.

For a full list of changes, please consult the release notes.

uberAgent ESA Beta

We are thrilled to release our newest product uberAgent ESA into the public. uberAgent ESA is built on top of the existing uberAgent UXM product which provides rich context and metadata, while uberAgent ESA adds deep security visibility (documentation).

With the combination of ESA and UXM, you need only one agent for user experience, performance, and security. This guarantees the smallest possible footprint on the endpoint. Our technology is based on the famously efficient and reliable uberAgent UXM which has been deployed to enterprises worldwide with up to 300,000 users per organization.

In this first release, uberAgent ESA comes with process tagging and scheduled task monitoring. You can expect many more features in the final version.

Please note that this is a beta release not intended to be used in production.

uberAgent UXM for macOS Preview

Some of the world’s most successful enterprises are using uberAgent’s metrics to improve their users’ experience. Our customers typically start out with uberAgent at one type of endpoint, e.g. Citrix Virtual Apps. Once they see the product’s enormous practical value in their own environment, they often expand and deploy uberAgent to their other types of Windows devices, too: physical, virtual, RDSH, PCs, and laptops.

Many organizations have a certain percentage of Macs. This number could be as low as 5% or as high as 20%, but it is there. As soon as you have fantastic Windows monitoring, you want it for your Macs, too. A single product that spans all relevant platforms in end-user computing, collecting the same high-quality metrics for macOS as it does for Windows.

That is what we have included in this release for preview. Feel free to download, test, and enjoy.

Please note that this is a preview not intended to be used in production.

uberAgent UXM for Windows Beta

Last but not least we are adding features to our current product uberAgent UXM for Windows.

Please note that this is a beta not intended to be used in production.

Better Network Communication Monitoring

uberAgent UXM now ships with a network monitoring driver which enables much more accurate network communication monitoring. In addition, uberAgent now measures jitter and packet loss, too.

Improved Performance

We did a lot under the hood resulting in an even lesser performance utilization for endpoints and Splunk servers than today.

About uberAgent

The uberAgent product family offers innovative digital employee experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics for Windows and macOS.

uberAgent UXM highlights include detailed information about boot and logon duration, application unresponsiveness detection, network reliability drill-downs, process startup duration, application usage metering, browser performance, web app metrics, and Citrix insights. All these varied aspects of system performance and reliability are smartly brought together in the Experience Score dashboard.

uberAgent ESA excels with a sophisticated Threat Detection Engine, endpoint security & compliance rating, the uAQL query language, detection of risky activity, DNS query monitoring, hash calculation, registry monitoring, and Authenticode signature verification. uberAgent ESA comes with Sysmon and Sigma rule converters, a graphical rule editor, and uses a simple yet powerful query language instead of XML.

About vast limits

vast limits GmbH is the company behind uberAgent, the innovative digital employee experience monitoring and endpoint security analytics product. vast limits’ customer list includes organizations from industries like finance, healthcare, professional services, and education, ranging from medium-sized businesses to global enterprises. vast limits’ network of qualified solution partners ensures best-in-class service and support anywhere in the world.


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