Practice Guides on Driver Inventory and Citrix ADC Alerting

Our growing collection of practice guides has two new articles that explain how to generate comprehensive driver inventory reports and how to set up alerts for Citrix ADC issues.

What Are Practice Guides?

Practice guides show how to use uberAgent in real-world scenarios. Each practice guide tries to answer a specific question. Customers are encouraged to look at the solutions presented in our practice guides and use them as a basis for their own implementations. Practice guides are part of uberAgent’s documentation.

Your guide by Florence Ivy under CC

Generating Driver Version Inventory Reports

This practice guide shows how to collect information on drivers, including vendor & device names and driver versions. The guide lists several techniques. Some of them can be used to collect information on all drivers that are installed, while other examples demonstrate how to filter for specific manufacturers.

Citrix ADC Monitoring & Alerting

This practice guide helps set up alerts for Citrix ADC issues. It lists several common problems and shows how to identify each of them with a Splunk search, which in turn can be used to generate alerts. The list of alerting searches includes:

  • Applicance bandwidth: used vs. licensed
  • Get notified when SSL cards are down
  • Get notified when a certificate expires within four weeks

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