Practice Guides on CPU Temperature & Application CPU Usage

Our growing collection of practice guides has new articles that explain how to identify applications that use 100% of a CPU core, how to collect the processor temperature and how to query performance counters.

What Are Practice Guides?

Practice guides demonstrate how to use uberAgent in real-world scenarios. Each practice guide tries to answer a specific question. Customers are encouraged to look at the solutions presented in our practice guides and use them as a basis for their own implementations. Practice guides are part of uberAgent’s documentation.

Guide by Jesper Sehested under CC

Identifying Applications That Use 100% of a CPU Core

This practice guide shows how to identify applications that fully utilize one or even multiple CPU cores. The required data is already part of uberAgent’s data set, all that is required is a Splunk search to unearth it.

Collecting the Processor Temperature

This practice guide explains how to determine the CPU temperature from PowerShell and add the result as a custom metric to uberAgent. Incidentally, this guide demonstrates how to use uberAgent’s custom script functionality, which is a powerful way of extending the product’s feature set.

Querying Windows Performance Counters

uberAgent can query any Windows performance counter and send the resulting metrics to the backend. This practice guide demonstrates how to do that.

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