Learn About uberAgent at Virtual Expo, a Free Online EUC Event

We are proud to be a part of the Virtual Expo event, one of the best resources for learning about cloud-based end-user computing from renowned industry experts.

What is Virtual Expo?

Virtual Expo is a one-day event where world-class presenters share their real-world experience in cloud and virtualization projects. They explain what works, and what does not. They share scripts and tools that worked well, and, probably most importantly, the lessons they learned, so that others can benefit.

Best of all, everybody can join: Virtual Expo is a web-based virtual event, and it is free. Register now!

Sessions and Topics

The agenda lists many cool topics like the following:

  • What you need to know about Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops recommended multi-site practices
  • Hosting your Citrix stack on Microsoft Azure
  • The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Bullshit
  • 10 issues uberAgent helps identify in minutes
  • Windows Virtual Desktop – what does it mean for Citrix?
  • 20 application packaging hacks
  • The state of Citrix Cloud – April ’19 edition
  • Citrix cloud migrations: successes and challenges
  • Have you ever wondered what those Citrix consultants know that you don’t? What are their secrets?
  • DevOps for desktops

Register now and enjoy the show!

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