Journal “IT Administrator” Reviews uberAgent

The German IT pro journal IT Administrator reviewed uberAgent in their June 2016 issue. The 5-page article covers all aspects of the product in-depth.


uberAgent is a very interesting new extension for Splunk that simplifies debugging and optimization of RDS and VDI.

The reviewer describes how easy uberAgent is to install, explains the flexible configuration options and then goes on to describe the dashboards that come with the product. The author talks about RDS session footprint information and shows how uberAgent automatically groups executables to applications while providing the same high-quality performance and usage metrics it also collects for processes, browsers, sessions and entire machines.

The dashboards present the collected data in a sensible and well-organized manner.

Furthermore, the reviewer mentions that uberAgent measures how long it takes applications to start and that it determines latency and responsiveness of each application’s user interface.

The agent can be implemented quickly and supplies detailed information about sessions, applications and computers.

The author likes uberAgent’s detailed logon duration data that greatly helps troubleshoot slow logons, identify bloated logon scripts or examine Group Policy processing performance. The article concludes with descriptions of uberAgent’s GPU monitoring capabilities and its SBC/VDI sizing dashboard that are perfect for any Citrix or VMware environment.

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