Central License File Management

Before uberAgent 4.2 license files had to be distributed along with the agent installation package. That was easy in environments with a single master image file, like Citrix PVS. Customers with tens of thousands of laptops, however, found it a lot harder to roll out new licenses to their endpoints.

License file management is much easier today. All you have to do is set up a file share with read permissions for computer accounts, drop your uberAgent license there and configure the share path in uberAgent’s configuration option LicenseFilePath. Endpoints will periodically check LicenseFilePath for new licenses. If any are found that are not yet cached locally, the new license files are copied to the local license cache directory.

There is no need for the configured license file path to be available all of the time. Endpoints always use the local license cache for license validation. Of course, there is no requirement to set up a central license file path, either. If deploying the license file along with the agent installation package works for you: great, you are all set.