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vast limits GmbH and uberAgent are now part of Citrix, a business unit of Cloud Software Group. Learn more at

This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Changelog and Release Notes

Version 7.0.2


  • Security (Windows) [I938]: standard users could escalate their privileges by modifying uberAgent’s configuration.
  • Service (Windows) [I877]: fixed a possible crash of the service that could occur when uberAgent is starting.
  • Service (Windows) [I935]: fixed a memory leak when saving an internal Citrix DC/ADC PowerShell script temporarily on the local disk.

Release notes

  • Installer (Windows) [I938]: new command line options PROGRAMDATA_CONFIGDIR_RESETPERMISSIONS and PROGRAMDATA_CONFIGDIR_DELETEFILES to control whether the optional configuration directory below %ProgramData% is secured by the installer. Set PROGRAMDATA_CONFIGDIR_DELETEFILES=0 only if you’re removing potentially malicious existing config files as part of your own deployment package logic.

Known issues

  • Boot duration (Windows): the metrics TotalBootTimeMs, MainPathBootTimeMs and PostBootTimeMs cannot be determined for every system boot.
  • Browsers/IE add-on (Windows): metrics are not collected on page reload.
  • Browsers/IE add-on (Windows): metrics are collected incompletely for the configured start page.
  • Browsers/IE add-on (Windows): monitoring does not work if IE is published from Citrix Virtual Apps. It does work from Citrix Virtual Desktops, however.
  • Browsers/Firefox add-on: if the option privacy.resistFingerprinting is set to true, browser metrics are not available due to invalid data being sent from Firefox.
  • Citrix ADC: in very rare cases, the content of the Virtual Server Performance field vServerName contains spaces in the wrong places.
  • Citrix site monitoring (Windows): data collection issue if the Citrix Remote Powershell SDK (required for Citrix Cloud monitoring) is installed on a CVAD controller.
  • Citrix XA/XD Machines (Windows): when running the Citrix VDA on a Citrix Delivery Controller, some per-machine information is missing.
  • Experience score [I377]: scheduled searches generate three warnings in Splunk’s _internal index every 30 minutes. The messages look like the following: DateParserVerbose - Failed to parse timestamp in first MAX_TIMESTAMP_LOOKAHEAD (128) characters of event.. However, there is no impact on uberAgent’s functionality.
  • GPU (Windows) [I33]: values for the fields ComputeUsagePercentAllEngines, ComputeUsagePercentEngine0 and similar can be higher than 100 with Intel Iris GPUs on Windows Server 2016 1607.
  • Kafka [I291]: in rare cases sending data to Kafka results in a SEC_E_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL error message in the logfile. This should have no effect; the transmission is repeated and succeeds on the second try.
  • Update inventory (Windows): not all installed Windows updates may be reported due to API limitations.
  • Volume inventory (macOS): the encryption status of mounted read-only APFS snapshots may not be reported due to API limitations. This includes the root directory volume in a default installation of macOS.


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