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This documentation does not apply to the most recent version of uberAgent. Click here for the latest version.

Username and Configuration Setting Encryption

uberAgent optionally encrypts user and domain names in the agent and has support to encrypt sensitive settings in its configuration.

User and Domain Names


User and domain names can be encrypted in the agent before being sent off to the backend. This can be useful for compliance with privacy regulations.

User and domain name encryption is disabled by default. If required, enable it via the configuration setting EncryptUserNames.

With encryption enabled, user and domain names show up in the backend and in dashboards like this:


uberAgent’s download package comes with the command line-tool uAEncrypt.exe, which can be used to decrypt usernames as shown in the following example:

uAEncrypt.exe -decrypt -keyId 101 -data <EncryptedDataHere>

Configuration Settings


Sensitive settings like passwords can be encrypted with the command-line tool uAEncrypt.exe, which is available in the uberAgent download package. The syntax is viewable by running uAEncrypt.exe -h.

Some settings to consider for encryption:

  • RESTToken in the stanza [Receiver]
  • Password in the stanza [CitrixADC_Config]

To encrypt MySecretPassword:

uAEncrypt.exe -encrypt -keyId 1 -data MySecretPassword


Decryption is possible with:

uAEncrypt.exe -decrypt -keyId 1 -data <EncryptedDataHere>


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