This documentation applies to a beta version of uberAgent (docs for the latest official release)

Application Inventory and Usage Metrics

Application Inventory

uberAgent collects application inventory information like name, publisher, version and install date.

Note: processes are auto-grouped into applications, i.e. the application name is determined automatically without requiring any configuration. Information on how this works are available here.


  • Source type: uberAgent:Application:ApplicationInventory
  • Used in dashboards: Application Inventory, Single Application Inventory, Single Machine Inventory
  • Enabled through configuration setting: ApplicationInventory
  • Related configuration settings: n/a

List of Fields in the Raw Agent Data

Field Description Data type Unit Measurement type Platform Example
DisplayName Application name String Snapshot all Google Chrome
DisplayVersion Application version String Snapshot all 67.0.3396.99
Publisher Application publisher String Snapshot all Google
InstallDate Application installation date String Snapshot all 2018-03-19
Language Application language String Snapshot Win en-US
IsMsiPackage Indicates if application was installed through a MSI String Snapshot Win 1
IsMachineInstall Indicates if application is installed for all users String Snapshot all 1
InstallLocation Application installation location String Snapshot all C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application

Application Usage

uberAgent collects application usage information like name (even for App-V, Java and UWP apps), version and number of concurrent users.


  • Source type: uberAgent:Application:ApplicationUsage
  • Used in dashboards: Application Usage
  • Enabled through configuration setting: ApplicationUsage
  • Related configuration settings: n/a
  • Supported platform: Windows

List of Fields in the Raw Agent Data

Field Description Data type Unit Measurement type Example
AppName Application name String Snapshot Google Chrome
UserName User name String Snapshot Domain\JohnDoe
AppVersion Application version String Snapshot 67.0.3396.99
RemotingClientName Remoting client name String Snapshot ThinClient1

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