Changelog and Release Notes

Version 1.2

  • Complete dashboard redesign including various filtering capabilities
  • Changed all dashboard searches from raw to pivot
  • Added support for macOS log files
  • Added Splunk data model uberAgentMeta
  • Added additional logfile uAInSessionHelper.log
  • Added new sourcetype uberAgent:Meta:uAInSessionHelperLog
  • Added additional logfile uberAgentIEExtension.log
  • Added new sourcetype uberAgent:Meta:uAIEExtensionLog
  • Added additional logfile uberAgentSandbox.log
  • Added new sourcetype uberAgent:Meta:uASandboxLog
  • Changed the default index name from uberagent_log to ua_meta_log
  • Added macros.conf to centrally rename the index
  • Changed the sourcetype name from uberAgent:log to uberAgent:Meta:uberAgentLog

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